16 Apr 2018

Anna Turbak | Marketing Executive

The top things to watch out for when switching to electronic care plans

So you’re thinking about switching from paper care recording to electronic care plans? This is a good place to start. Well look no further, we’ve compiled a handy little list of things you need to look out for when moving onto an electronic care planning system.

Are the electronic care plans person-centred?

Does the system support your carers to record the care they provide in the right manner? Remember

Will they actually save you and your carers time?

if the electronic care planning system isn’t silly simple, then it won’t save you time as your care teams will struggle to get to grips with it and you’ll spend more time trying to teach them how to use it than actually leaving them to use paper.

Do they integrate with your processes?

The better systems on the market will help to support the way that you like to record care, however, the best systems will actually empower you to record better information in less time.

Can you get access your data when you need it?

Pretty obvious but when you need your data, you need your data! If the electronic care plan software doesn’t allow you to extract your data when you need it, then you need to steer clear.

Is the electronic care planning system secure?

Don’t forget the data regulations change in May 2018 with the introduction of GDPR. You need to make sure that the company that provides the electronic care plans and the software provider is up to date with regulatory requirements.

Is the electronic care planning software affordable?

You need to establish what your care home can afford and make sure that the system comes in under the budget. Don’t forget if you need to have supporting assets like good WiFi and smartphones to use the system, these will all add to the costs.

Does the electronic care planning system actually help your carers to communicate and coordinate their efforts better?

Good electronic care plans will help your care teams work in a smarter fashion, cost little and help your care home provide better care to your residents. With most care homes we’ve spoken to that use Log my Care, seeing at least 2 hours of carer time freed up compared to writing paper care notes and plans. You seriously need to consider switching away from paper. And because Log my Care is free, there’s really no reason as to why you wouldn’t! So what are you waiting for. Go and try our electronic care plans today.