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May 29, 2018
Chief Marketing Officer | Alex Sorisi

The Top Apps For Care Assistants

With a huge range of different apps available for almost anything, you can imagine. We thought it’d be great to list some of the top apps for care assistants. So here goes – here are our nominations for the top apps for care assistants.

NHS App Library

Cost: Free

It goes without saying really but the NHS app library has a massive collection of different apps to offer support to care assistants. Apps in the library cover everything from hydration & nutrition to Dementia and general advice. The best thing is that these have all been reviewed by the NHS.

Talking Point

Cost: Free

Talking point is a brilliant support forum for people with dementia and those who look after them. With tonnes of training around dementia being fairly limited in the practical application. Talking Point offers you a huge resource in regards to getting support and advice on most topics relating to Dementia.

SAM: Self Help for Anxiety Management

Cost: Free

SAM is an app designed by Psychologists to help people manage their own anxiety. This nifty little app includes different exercises for people who suffer from anxiety as well as advice and system for tracking moods. Being a Care Assistant can be extremely stressful – if you ever feel overwhelmed you can quickly pop outside and perform a few as most of the exercises can be done in under a few minutes.

The Carer App

Cost: Free

It wouldn’t be the list of the top apps for care assistants without our very own Carer App. Record care on the go and get full care notes logged in just a couple of taps. A massive time saver and will help you spend more 1-2-1 time with those in your care

Mind Mate

Cost: Free

What if there was an app which used interactive games to help stimulate a person’s cognitive ability? Well look no further, Mind Mate is a great little app which does just that. It also has a section called My Life which helps users to save their memories as well as a section that promotes health & wellbeing.

Pay Day Shift Calendar

Cost: Free

Finding it difficult to keep track of what hours you’ve worked on what shift? Pay Day Shift calendar works out how much you’re entitled to and keeps track of your hours. It also takes into account unpaid breaks too. You can organise your different shifts with easy to spot colour coding so it helps to keep you organised with your overall administration.


Cost: Free

Care assistants can use this app to track and manage pain for those that you look after. You can record pain triggers, their intensity, a service user’s mood, and their sleep quality. It’s a great App for tracking progress and spotting any declines early.