12 Jun 2018

Anna Turbak | Marketing Executive

Care Home Management Software Designed By Carers For Carers

Our philosophy of listening to the Log my Care community has been the same, right the way from our first ideas and initial designs of the care planning software to the regular updates we provide to the care homes using it day to day.

We know how important it is to our ongoing development to listen to the community’s feedback. That’s why we always encourage the care teams and care homes using Log my Care to tell us when they want a feature added.

We thought you might be interested in hearing some of this feedback and to see how it’s been implemented into our care home management software.

Can I assign a resident?

Samantha who is a carer in a residential care home in Dorset wanted a way to assign a resident’s care to a specific carer. “We run a keyworker system where one of our team is in charge of the care for several residents. It would be great to assign specific carers to residents”. So we’ve added it – you can assign a specific resident’s care to one or more carers.

Can I get a different set of outcomes as I run a residential home?

Jack is the owner of a care home in Hertfordshire, he wanted the ability to tailor the pre-embedded data in the software to their own needs. We enabled homes to have different workflows to each other, depending on the type of care they provide. In practice, this means that residential care homes get a different set compared to nursing homes (that’s why we ask what type of care you provide when you sign up ?).

Can you please add a second signature on sign off?

Kevin is an operations manager for a care group, “We needed the ability to add a second signature when signing off certain two-person care tasks… using a hoist for example” We added that in a jiffy –now a second signature can be added to a quick-log or a completed to-do.

Can you make sure we know why a task was skipped?

Rachel is a Senior in a Care Home near Portsmouth, “We wanted to make sure that when a carer skipped a scheduled To-Do it was mandatory to explain why”. This is great feedback for Care Managers. We’ve made it mandatory to explain why you skipped a scheduled To-Do. This means you’ll have better oversight if care isn’t delivered when it’s supposed to.

But that’s not all. Here are a few of the features we’ve added to our latest release that our community asked for.

Can you add some extra health professionals to the visiting option, please?

Becky is another Senior from a Care Home in Selsey, “We have a really wide range of health professionals that come to visit the home” Can you please add Optician and Audiologist to the visiting professionals’ option?” Yes, Becky, of course, we can – you now have a more fully-fledged series of options for visiting health professionals Lynn wanted an extra option for resident personal hygiene when it comes to cleaning and care. We already had a pre-loaded option for shower and bath. Lin wanted us to add wash, for when her residents were given a smaller type of clean for their personal care. Well, we’ve done it Lin – you can now select ‘Wash’ from the list.

These are just some of the new features we’ve got coming up. Keep your eyes peeled for a brand new update coming to our awesome free care planning software.

And if you’re not already one of the community, come and sign up. It’s free – no card details, no payments no contracts, just a great system to help you provide better care.

Happy logging!