30 July 2018

Anna Turbak | Marketing Executive

How does the Log my Care system actually work?

If you’re here, you probably want a bit more information about the Log my Care system and how it might work in your care home right?

After years of working in software, we saw the quite frankly poor offerings on the market aimed (and largely failing) towards the residential elderly care market. Most of the systems out there were either poorly designed and packed full of features that were just too complicated to really help busy front-line carers.

The UK care market is made up largely of smaller care homes with less than 30 beds and we’ve all seen the harsh market conditions causing many to close. 

We thought that we could help to alleviate some of the burden being faced by UK care homes by solving some of the issues around care management systems. We went away and sat down with carers, care managers and care home owners and asked them what they needed to record, evidence and manage when care was being delivered.

We quickly realised that what front-line carers need is something simple and helpful designed to support the way they work. Something that sat in their pocket, removed the need to spend hours at the nurse station scribbling notes down and prompted them to which activities they needed to do. Whereas managers and care home owners wanted a quick and easy way of delegating tasks and simple oversight of resident information.

In order to crack this, we broke Log my Care system down into two different parts. One aimed at Managers and Care home owners and the other designed for frontline care staff.

The ‘Care Office’ as we call it is a web-based management portal for Care Managers and Care Home Owners. This allows the easiest way to plan, coordinate and manage care in the care home. As the benefit of a full-sized screen and a mouse/keyboard means you have the easiest way to input information and take in the data you see.

Care Office - log my care

The second part of the care system is the ‘Carer App’. This is an application which goes on to the smartphones used by frontline care staff. This helps them to record, evidence and monitor the care they provide as well as helping them to access information about residents essential to providing person-centred care. Having the care system partner with an app means that it gives the best experience for carers on a device that they can keep in their pockets to use directly at point of care and helping to reduce errors in the recording process!

the carer app from Log my Care

So we’ve talked about what led us to design the system and why we made it in two different parts. But how has it actually been helping care providers? Well, we’re actually in the process of putting together a full case study in the near future (stay tuned!) but what we can say is that we’ve had some pretty awesome feedback.

Not only did we recently get this awesome review on Google from a Care Manager but our records are showing that providers are on average recording three times as many care notes within a few weeks of using the system.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab yourself an account and get-started with Log my Care for free!