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October 15, 2018
Chief Marketing Officer | Alex Sorisi

Community feedback update – We’ve now added ABC  charts to our care management system

We genuinely listen to all of the feedback our wonderful community gives us and use this to directly influence the development of our care management system so it better meets the day to day needs of care providers.

In our latest update, we were requested by Krystian, a Registered Manager from a care provider in London if we could add in ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, Consequence) charts to record behaviour to the care system.

What is an ABC chart?

An ABC chart is an observational tool that allows the recording of information about a particular behaviour. The aim of using ABC charts is to better understand what the resident’s behaviour is communicating.

What does ABC stand for?

The ‘A’ refers to the event that occurred before the behaviour was exhibited. This can include what the resident was doing, who was there, where they were, what sights/ sounds/ smells/temperatures/other people that were in the area.

The ‘B’ refers to an objective and clear description of the behaviour that occurred e.g. Mrs Green threw an item on the floor.
Then the ‘C’ refers to what occurred after the behaviour or the consequence of the behaviour e.g. The other residents moved away from Mrs Green, noise levels in the dining room decreased. Make sure you decide on one or two target behaviours to record initially.

What have we done?

Well, Krystian, your wish is our command, so voila! Here are your brand new (and fairly swanky may I add) ABC charts all beautifully laid out in the ‘Carer App’

You’ll now find the ABC charts in the purple Health Recordings category when you create a Quick Log in the Carer App. The little icon should look like this:

How can you access the ABC charts?

To access the ABC charts and our free care home software, just log in. Or if you’re not already a user, then just head on over to our ‘Get-Started’ page and create your free account. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.