Mobility charts and new features for Log my Care - November 2018 update

Adam Hurst


09 Nov 2018

New Charts, Mobility Tracking and Even Pudding! Care Office November Update

Wow, two blogs on the Log my Care news page on the bounce. Alex must be feeling ill for letting me take over again! In my last post regarding our forthcoming winter updates to our care system I thought I’d ignore the updates we actually were launching a few days after we published the blog.

My team have been busy and have just added some awesome new features to the Care Office and Carer App. This time you don’t need to do anything to update and you should see them all the next time you log in.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made these additions:

New charts for Incidents, Activities and Health Visits

From the Reports section of the Care Office, you now have access to three new types of charts for your residents. You can now see all of your residents’ incidents, activities or health visits in one place rather than flicking back through all logs. Pretty neat?!

Incident: Medication Error Icon Example for Log my Care Activities & Social visit Icon Example for Log my Care Hospital visit Example for Log my Care



Track mobility over time

We’ve done two things here. One is to add a mobility score (1-5, very poor to very good) into the Carer App under the Health Recordings quick-log category. Your team can now score mobility over time and the results flow straight into the Care Office’s brand new mobility chart.

Mobility chart example for Log my Care






Pudding gets added to food recording

There wasn’t anywhere to record puddings in the App… until now! We’ve added a Pudding item to the Food & Drink quick-log category of the Carer App. Portions consumed will automatically flow through to the Care Office’s existing Food chart.

Food: Pudding option for Log my Care




All of this wouldn’t be possible without your feedback

Thanks again for all of the ideas and feedback you’ve given us. We rely on you, the community, to know what to build next and keep getting even better! Remember you can talk to us whenever you like by using the chat widget or emailing [email protected].

Don’t forget to head on over to our Get-Started page to set yourself up with your free care home software account. You’ll be up and running in no time (even quicker than before!)

What are you waiting for? Get logging!