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March 25, 2020
Chief Marketing Officer | Alex Sorisi

Free key worker letter template

The Log my Care design team is constantly in touch with our social carers community. We witnessed first hand the start of the pandemic crisis in care services a few weeks back. Along with getting care home managers’ feedback on what they’d need from us as a priority to help them face the virus, we also did a lot of research on different platforms, which allowed us to come up with a portfolio of ideas, including a key worker letter that can be used whenever necessary.

We’re well aware that right now NHS workers are going under a crazy big deal of stress and we support them 100%. But we also want to help our care community. Operating as a friendly software company allows us to truly prioritise our work, and you are our priority right now. Our intentions are good, we aim to help as many care professionals across the UK as we can. ❤️

Last week schools have been asked by the government to continue to provide care for a limited number of children. This includes children whose parents/guardians are key workers and are critical to the response to COVID-19 and/or cannot be safely cared for at home.

Key workers include all health and social care workers (frontline staff, volunteers, support and specialist staff) and only one parent/guardian is required to be a key worker to qualify for a child to continue to attend school.

Log my Care has decided to help its social carers community by creating an official customisable key worker identification letter to be used whenever necessary. This letter can be filled out straight away on the Word document and printed out.

We encourage you to add your care home’s details and use this letter for any member of staff. Please do store it safely in case this letter is lost.

The Coronavirus key worker letter has moved!

You can now access all our handy Coronavirus material when you sign up to use our free Coronavirus monitoring tools. In response to the pandemic we have developed a range of features that care services can use to shield, monitor and save lives, including respiratory charts, cough and temperature recording tools, as well as a symptom dashboard.

Alongside these free tools, when you sign up you will get access to all our customisable and printable Coronavirus guidance documents.