March 30, 2020

Anna Turbak-Charles

Free Coronavirus Contingency Plan for Care Services

In our continued efforts to deliver helpful resources to the care services in our community and the wider UK Care sector, our designers, engineers and a panel of experts have been working hard over the past week to develop useful resources. We’ve seen repeated calls for a broad contingency plan to help care providers. There is a huge amount of various elements of the care service that can be impacted by the coronavirus, and we do get that. We want to help.

Just like last week, where we produced our phenomenally well-received key worker template letter, we’re aiming to help as many care professionals across the UK as we can! 🧡

Just enter your email into the box below. You’ll receive our full coronavirus contingency plan we’ve had whizzed up by our team of superstar experts. 💫It’s packed full of useful information and prompts on what you can do. We’ve created it in a Word document format so that you can fill it out and change things to make sure it’s totally suitable for the unique services you all work in.

Watch this space as we’ll be launching our additional coronavirus monitoring features for our free care system in the upcoming few weeks.

Download the Coronavirus Contingency Plan

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