April 1, 2020

Anna Turbak-Charles

Coronavirus Return to Work Interview Form for Care Services

Grab your Return to Work Interview Form now!

Log my Care is doing everything in its power to help its community and beyond. Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to develop useful resources such as a coronavirus infographic, a key worker letter and a contingency plan. And it doesn’t stop here! We will continue our efforts to help the social care sector as much as possible. Please do share our work with anybody who needs it, as these documents are brought to you as templates, easy to fill in, print and store.

Over the last 7 days we’ve distributed a key worker template  and a coronavirus contingency plan. Go grab it if you haven’t already, you will need it! You will need a contingency plan in place in order to manage absences, particularly with the general advice being for those with symptoms to stay at home and avoid contact with others.

Today we’re sharing a special coronavirus Return to Work Interview Form. 💫To download it, first enter your email and you’ll receive the form in a PDF format.

Reminder: As a manager you still have a duty of care to support their well-being, this could be to:*

  • Remain in contact with them on a daily basis
  • Encourage them to have regular contact (via phone) with their friends and family
  • Encourage them to keep themselves busy where possible which could include, reading, cooking, completing some online learning, or doing some light exercise in the home or garden.  

*Advice and guidance from HR solutions.

Watch this space as we’ll be launching our additional coronavirus monitoring features for our free care system in the upcoming few weeks.

Download the Return to Work Interview Form

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