anna turbak charles
April 20, 2020

Anna Turbak-Charles| Marketing Executive

Coronavirus Care Plan and Risk Assessment

The Log my Care team has been working hard to develop useful free resources that care professionals can quickly access and use to support their clients and service-users whenever needed. We are well aware of the evolving needs of the social care sector during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis and we do our best to keep track of resources you may need.

Today, we are sharing a special Coronavirus care plan and COVID-19 risk assessment template for all Care Managers. We’ve worked together with expert Stuart Prince, Special Advisor to Age UK and created a robust example that can be used as a template for any Care Manager in need. 💥

The latest resources are added to our growing list of free downloads including a key worker template , Coronavirus contingency plan and a special return to work interview form.

Download your copy now and save yourself time and energy. Shoot us a note if there is anything you see missing or think of a helpful document you’d like us to produce, we’re always there to help 💫

We’ve also launched additional coronavirus monitoring features for our free care system too, so you can simply and effectively monitor the symptoms of those in your care.

The Coronavirus Care Plan & Risk Assessment has moved!

You can now access all our handy Coronavirus material when you sign up to use our free Coronavirus monitoring tools. In response to the pandemic we have developed a range of features that care services can use to shield, monitor and save lives, including respiratory charts, cough and temperature recording tools, as well as a symptom dashboard.

Alongside these free tools, when you sign up you will get access to all our customisable and printable Coronavirus guidance documents.