Covid 19 visitation resources
anna turbak charles
October 27, 2020
Marketing & Partnerships Executive | Claire

Free COVID-19 Visiting Guidance & Resources For Residential Care Services

Here at Log my Care we’re committed to helping our community in any way possible. After hearing huge calls for help and advice when it came to allowing visits to residential services, we dashed off and consulted with expert Stuart Prince, Special Advisor to Age UK. He’s come up with three incredibly handy resources that’ll be sure to make your visit planning and assessments a doddle. 👍

Our resource pack includes:

  • Visiting policy guidelines – use this as a framework to create a visiting plan for the service.
  • Risk assessment form – calculate the risk of allowing a visit.
  • Decision-making flowchart – how to know the right time to allow visits.

We hope these resources help you make the right decision when it comes to allowing visitors to your care facility. If you feel there is a resource we’re missing, ping us a message and we’ll look into developing it.

The COVID-19 Visiting Guidance has moved!

You can now access all our handy Coronavirus material when you sign up to use our free Coronavirus monitoring tools. In response to the pandemic we have developed a range of features that care services can use to shield, monitor and save lives, including respiratory charts, cough and temperature recording tools, as well as a symptom dashboard.

Alongside these free tools, when you sign up you will get access to all our customisable and printable Coronavirus guidance documents.