A novel new way to fill vacancies
anna turbak charles
December 22, 2020
Marketing & Partnerships Executive | Leighton Osbourne

A novel new way to help you fill bed vacancies in your care home

At a time when care home bed vacancies are higher than ever, how can you make yourself stand out with the care you’re delivering? The Family Module can help entice new clients by setting your care service apart from the rest of the industry!

Differentiate yourself from your competitors 💪

Family members more than ever are looking for care services that can demonstrate the highest quality care as well as provide peace of mind that their loved one is being looked after properly during uncertain times.

The COVID-19 pandemic has families thinking twice before putting their loved one into a care service. There is widespread concern that care services may not be up to standard, or that they might not be able to visit them should another lockdown be put in place. 

So what is the Family Module? 👨‍👩‍👧 

We’re glad you asked! The Family Module is a pretty simple concept. It helps connect families with their loved ones in your care via a handy app that is updated in real-time with care notes and logs. It’s GDPR secure and is a great way to keep your service users in touch with their loved ones despite lockdowns and visiting restrictions.

The Family Module allows you to demonstrate your high-quality care and reassure new customers of your transparency and consistency in delivering that standard of care. Should restricted visiting continue, your service will be one of the few that are able to offer virtual connection – and that could be the difference between a family choosing your service over another.

Make a difference in the lives of your service users and clients

With COVID-19 making visits difficult (and in some cases impossible), staying connected virtually may be the only way that some families are able to keep in touch.

Don’t just take it from us – see what actual family members are saying! 

Trudy Dancer, a family member who recently began using the Family App, has found the software to be crucial in keeping up to date with her mum in care:

“As visitations are not allowed at the moment, I have found the Family App really useful to stay up to date with how my mum is doing. I log on everyday to see whether the doctor has visited and seeing pictures of mum on the timeline really brightens my day. It also saves me having to ring the home so often to check how she is.”

Activate the Family Module today to set your care service apart

If you’ve had trouble filling bed vacancies in your care home then activate the Family Module today and let new customers know you’re committed to outstanding care. ⭐️

Not only this, but the Family Module can help you fill bed vacancies in your care service by setting yourself apart from the rest of the industry!