listen now to the going digital podcast with care home management
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January 20, 2021
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Listen Now: Going Digital Podcast with Care Home Management 🎧

Thinking of switching to electronic care planning? Listening to this podcast is a great place to start!

Our CEO and Founder, Sam Hussain, sat down with Care Home Management for their very first podcast of the new year. The topic was one that is very close to our hearts: digital care planning!

Sam was joined by Paul Slaughter from Care Messenger, Morten Mathiesen at Sekoia and Killian O’Mahoney from Softworks. Although electronic care planning may seem intimidating at first, it can really improve and transform the way care is delivered in various types of care services.  👍

The benefits of going digital 🖥

The podcast discusses the importance of simplicity in care software and how helpful electronic care planning is for monitoring COVID-19 outbreaks in services. Additionally, the group touches on how care software creates an online paper trail that can save you loads of time and stress during audit season

Imagine spending loads of time hunting around for a file that a social worker has requested, for instance. With digital care software, all that information is at your fingertips. No more photocopying or digging about for scraps of paper!

Furthermore, electronic care planning helps services improve their business, the lives of their Carers, and the quality of care they deliver. Going digital can save you time in hunting about for a file buried away somewhere, for instance. With 

Tune in to learn more

We’d like to thank Care Home Management for the opportunity to share our thoughts on the importance of going digital. It can be a scary topic but hopefully, we answered some of the questions you may have about switching to electronic care systems.📱

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.

Going digital has never been easier (or cheaper!) 😄

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