ashdale nursing move from nourish care system
jeremy luscombe
April 1, 2021
Senior Digital Exec | Jeremy

How Ashdale Nursing Switched From Nourish Care Systems

We’re sharing the stories of care homes and services across the UK that have made the switch from other care systems to ours. This isn’t to humble brag (ok, maybe a little! 😉) but to demonstrate A) how easy it is to make the switch between providers and B) that cheaper is often better.

Neil James is the Social Care Manager at Ashdale Nursing & Residential Home and I had a quick chat with him about his time at Nourish:

“We were previously with Nourish and had been with them for quite a few years…Nourish still have more functions that are more beneficial while Log my Care doesn’t quite have those yet.”

Yikes! Not looking good. So why did Ashdale make the switch from Nourish to Log my Care then, I enquired:

“We wanted to find something a bit more flexible and affordable,” was James’s response. Well we’re certainly more affordable, but how are we more flexible according to Neil?

“It’s easier to use from a care worker point of view”

“I like the overall look of it, it’s person-centred. I like the layout of the logs and I find it easy for reporting. Our team prefers the Log my Care app to the Nourish counterpart. The minute you click on a resident, you can see all the boxes, they can see the care plans and charts.”

We’ve worked super hard to make our product as user friendly as possible, so it’s nice to hear from Neil that it’s a big plus for him and his nursing home. The lives of the UK’s carers and care managers are hard enough already, so we designed our Care Office and Carer App to be as user friendly as possible.

All care management systems will help reduce admin time when moving from paper, but not all of them do it as well. A clean, easy to use design, with all the tools such as daily logs, resident profiles, “to-dos” being only a tap away is essential to making the lives of Carers and Managers easier.

So that’s music to our ears: we’re cheaper and more user-friendly according to Neil. Anything else to add?

“With Log my Care, if you make a suggestion it gets done”

Neil noted that with Log my Care, our ‘Suggest a Feature’ board actually does its job!

“I had a look around and I liked what I saw with Log my Care. What we found with Nourish is generally when you made a suggestion, it wouldn’t happen. With Log my Care, if you make a suggestion it gets changed or it goes into the Request a Feature section.”

So if you’re part of our community and you haven’t yourself used the Suggest a Feature board, then head over to the Care Office and give it a go, because we’re always listening!