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jeremy luscombe
April 1, 2021
Senior Digital Exec | Jeremy

How PCS and Log my Care stack up, according to one care home

You may have noticed on our website that we have a new section called ‘Compare’. This is where we have been adding pages that demonstrate just how we stack up to some other care systems out there.

You might call it a humble brag, but there are distinct differences between the care management systems out there. Some, such as PCS, have been around for a long time and have all the bells and whistles, but often carry a hefty price tag, while others, such as yours truly, are relatively new and shaking up the market.

So I sat down with some care home managers who have used different systems and asked them to compare them to ours. For this instalment, I spoke to Michael Forster at Park House Rest Home.

Why Michael switched in the first place 

Michael was using Person Centred Software in a previous role, and upon moving to Park House Rest Home, decided to give another system a go. How come? I asked.

 “I wanted to introduce a more flexible system when I moved and Log my Care stood out as an obvious choice as it seemed easy to use, to is was the best one to switch to.”

As i’ve touched on in some other blog posts, ease and simplicity of use stands as one of the main features that care homes look for in a care management system. It’s tough enough running a care home or care agency, so you don’t want an extra burden added to your plate when introducing a new technology into your service.

We’ve intentionally built Log my Care to be super simple. The design is modern, but not complicated, and all the information you need is within a tap or two of a button. This is something Michael also noticed:

“The app is super simple to use and everything is really easy to find. My Carers love it!”

Robust, efficient care planning and affordability

Besides being easier to use, is there anything else Michael thinks makes Log my Care stand out from PCS?

“Your care plans are more robust compared to Person Centred Software’s. You have far more risk assessments and you cover everything, which is something that saves me admin time.”

A lot of other care systems out there are definitely on the more expensive side. They’re also not always customisable, meaning you have to pay for tools you don’t even need. With us, on the other hand, you can pick and choose the tools that you need, so you don’t get charged unnecessarily. This is something Michael picked up on as well:

“Log my Care is definitely more affordable, which is another really good benefit. You can cater the package to suit your home, whereas I couldn’t with PCS. And I do believe they are quite expensive.”

Anything else to add?

“I am going  to introduce the Family Module in the new few months as well, which I think is a really good personal touch during Covid.”

Music to our ears!

While you’re here…

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