langley court switch to Log my Care
jeremy luscombe
May 6, 2021
Senior Digital Exec | Alex Sorisi

“Like chalk and cheese”: How Langley Court Switched From CareDocs to Log my Care

Since we got Log my Care off the ground, we have been working around the clock to make the lives of the UK’s Carers and Care Managers easier. We know how tough it is out there and we genuinely think that all of the country’s amazing social care workers deserve all the help they can get.

After all, that’s why we built Log my Care in the first place! We wanted to create a product that was more affordable (we know the purse strings are tight!) and more user friendly than the care software that was already being used across care homes.

Not to toot our own horn, but we think we’ve created just that. But to be sure, we caught up with some care services that have switched from other care management systems to ours to see how they found the switch, and most importantly………..was it worth it?

The Langley Court Story…

Langley Court Rest Home is a 28-bed residential care service in leafy Surbiton, South-West London. Prior to joining Log my Care in early 2020, the team at Langley Court were relying on CareDocs for their care management. However, after four years of using CareDocs, dissatisfaction with the system was starting to grow, as Gary Palmer, the Manager at Langley court told me:

“CareDocs is very repetitive, you put in the information about the person that they have dementia, these are their problems, etc. So when you’re doing, for example, moving and handling in regards to risk assessments, you have to go through that whole thing again. You get the same information at the top of each page, that she’s got dementia and these are her problems and then you’ve got three lines of what the actual risk assessment is about actually is.”

LogmyCare, on the other hand, Gary says, “goes straight into what the risk assessment is, what to look for, and how to prevent other accidents from happening.”

The risk assessment issues weren’t the only reason for the switch, however, as Gary explained to me:

“I tried to introduce things into CareDocs and they had a system where you could apply for a change and in four years none of my ideas were ever put in place. The two or three ideas that I sent to you have all been put in place.”

What Gary is referring to here is our requests feature. We’re all about building an awesome community around Log my Care and we are always listening to our users’ input, so we decided to build a requests feature right into our system. It offers a way for carers and care managers to request features they want to see in their care management system.

log my care request feature

We’re always listening to our community and we’re super happy we were able to get Gary’s requests to be part of our system. There will be many more to come, as well!

That’s not all…

Gary has also found Log my Care to be more user friendly than CareDocs, which is music to our ears having worked so hard to make our system as intuitive to use as possible:

“It’s a lot easier to use. It’s a lot more user friendly for my staff cause sometimes some of my staff are really good practically but English language doesn’t come easy to some of them but your software has pictures so they can press things and enter care logs that way. CareDocs required them to type it. With CareDocs, we had standard sentences being copied and pasted for each resident and sometimes they’d forget to take the name out.”

Did he have anything else to add? Oh yep:

“Your system is a lot cheaper, too!”.

So what’s the overall verdict from Gary about Log my Care vs CareDocs? “It’s like chalk and cheese!”, he says.

If you’d like to know more about how we stack up against CareDocs, check out our comparison page here.