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May 20, 2021
Marketing & Partnerships Executive | Claire

Watch Now: Digitisation in Care with The Caring View show 📺

Thinking about using electronic care plans but afraid of technology? Check out this episode of The Caring View!

Our CEO and Founder, Sam Hussain, sat down with Adam, Mark, and Dawn, to discuss the technology in care. He was joined by Lorcán Murray from Care Planner.

The group spoke about some of the benefits of digitisation, things to watch out for when your service is looking for digital solutions, and how our approach to care should remain holistic no matter what devices or software we use.

Watch the video to learn more

We’d like to thank The Caring View for the opportunity to share our thoughts on digitisation in care. Hopefully, the episode clears up questions for people thinking of going digital. Maybe it even made technology seem a bit less scary!

To watch the entire episode, click here.

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