our emar system is here!
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October 11, 2021
Head of Marketing | Claire

Electronic MAR charts are here

Our software has always been made by Carers for Carers and our eMAR is no different. You’ve shared a lot of feedback with us about the features you need to deliver a better standard of care and that’s why we’ve developed eMAR. Here’s everything you need to know…

Why use eMar over paper MAR charts?

Our eMAR system, like our electronic care plans, can save you plenty of time. Giving you the space to focus on what matters – delivering high-quality care. It will also help you:

  • Reduce medication errors by improving the accuracy and efficiency of your record keeping
  • Save and share medication information more easily
  • Keep track of stock with our automated expectant stock count.

What do Care Managers using eMar have to say?

eMar has been extensively trialled by a team of our superhero Managers. Here’s what they have to say:


Diane Vale, Manager at The Old Hall said:

“eMar saves our staff at least an hour of their time just logging medication. And when you’ve got medication rounds 4 hours a day, that’s4 hours of work that could be spent with residents. That’s the best bit for me.”

Louise from Bridle Lodge commented:

“The eMAR system has given me a better oversight of what’s going on in my home. I can click on my computer from anywhere and check that medication has been administered. I’d never go back to paper – this system makes life so much easier!”

Start using eMAR

Why not give our eMar system a go? Start your free 30-day trial now and see if eMAR is the right fit for your care service.

Once you’ve finished your trial, we’ll ask you if you want to continue using the system. An eMAR subscription starts at as little as £12 a month. That’s roughly the price of 4 takeaway coffees – not a bad price to help you revolutionise the medication administration of your service!