We’re dedicated to helping improve the social care sector, so we’ve partnered with several organisations to help us achieve this goal.

Care Software Providers Association (CASPA)

CASPA is an independent, not-for-profit association representing the views and interests of social care software providers. They work to set standards for social care software and promote the use of technology in the care sector.

We believe that technology and transparency can dramatically improve the quality of care in social care settings, which is why we’ve joined CASPA. Technology shouldn’t be scary or difficult, it should be simple to use and make your job easier.

CASPA’s goal to digitise the social care sector and improve care quality is very much in line with our values and ethos to make technology accessible to anyone who wants it, even if they’re on a tight budget.

National Care Association (NCA)

The NCA is a not-for-profit organisation who represents small and medium sized care providers and affiliated local associations. They liaise with national government at a political and departmental level, including key stakeholder groups like NHS and Care Quality Commission (CQC), to give a voice to the care sector.

We work with the NCA to provide expert advice and share updates about our software with members, to ensure that everybody knows about our products and how these can benefit their services.

National Care Forum (NCF)

The NCF is a membership organisation dedicated to representing and voicing member concerns to decision makers, including government departments, politicians and the media, at local, national and international levels.

Similar to the NCA, we work with the NCF to provide expert advice and share updates about our software with members, to ensure that everybody knows about our products and how these can benefit their services.

The Care Workers Charity (CWC)

The CWC looks to advance the financial, professional and mental wellbeing of social care workers through grants, signposting of resources and providing access to services.

We’re dedicated to improving the wellbeing of all social care workers, and our partnerships with the CWC demonstrates our commitment to improving the sector.

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