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Top reasons to go with Log my Care

Log my care is the platform that gives you everything you need to power your care home management, at a fraction of the cost of our competition. Our products let you record daily care notes, generate elegant person-centred care plans, ace your compliance and so much more.

No need to break the piggy bank

Budgets are stretched in care services at the best of times, and we don’t want to add to financial worries. That’s why we have built our pricing model to be the most flexible and cost efficient on the market. With us you only pay for what parts of our software that you need, and our pricing isn’t based on a per-bed basis.

Simple transition to digital

Moving from paper to digital records can be daunting, but with us it’s a doddle. Simply add you service users and the care they need, then invite your carers to download the Carer App and ta-da! You’re up and running. And don’t worry, if you need help, we’re always nearby to lend a hand.

Committed to your success

We want you to be spending your time with your residents, not stressing over mountains of paperwork. That’s why our awesome team is only a click away, ready to help with any problems you might have.

We’ve already helped thousands of carers and care managers supercharge their care delivery and more are joining our community by the day.

Built by carers for carers

We built our software with one person in mind – you. We are always engaging with the care community to find out what features you want to see in your care management software. The result? Software that is personalised for carers and care management. You ask, we deliver.

The UK’s top reviewed care system

We’re the UK’s top reviewed care system, with rave reviews from carers and care manager all across the county. It’s not just our customers who think our software is great, though, we’ve also been awarded some prestigious awards. In 2019 we won the GHP Social Care award for Care Planning Software of the year and in 2020 we bagged second place in Tomorrow’s Care Awards!

Still not convinced? Why not read some of our reviews for yourself.

Why choose Log my Care over Person Centred Software

Log my Care

Freemium software

We’re the UK’s only freemium care home management software provider. This means you get everything you need to get started with digital care delivery, at no cost! Manage your staff and clients while streamlining your care delivery with to-do’s and care logs. Absolutely free.

Only pay for what you need

You only pay for what you need with us. Unlike other companies that only offer one version of their software, with Log my Care you can customise your system to meet your needs. Need care plans but don't need Family App? Simple, just pay for the Care Plans module. It's a doddle, really.

30 day free trial

We offer a 30-day free trial period across our premium modules. This gives you the chance to try before you buy. If you're interested in a premium module, like the Family Module, then simply activate it for a free 30-day free trial. Not to your fancy? No problem, simply cancel within your 30 days and you won't pay a penny.

Use any device

Unlike our competition, Log my Care works on any device. Our Carer App runs on both Apple and Android devices, and the Care Office can be accessed on any browser on your computer or smartphone. Unlike PCS, we don’t try and tie you into using specific, expensive devices. You can use any device you want, saving you money and giving you have total freedom over what technology you use.

Modern, clean interface (that's always updated!)

The Care Office and Carer App are designed to be super easy to use. We know not everyone is a techy, so we have built our software to be clean, modern and intuitive, so it’s easy for you to navigate around and do your job.

Unlike our competition, we are always updating and improving our apps to add awesome new shiny features that make your care delivery a breeze.

Automatic, elegant care plans

Our care planning software is fully automated from initial assessment, to care plan creation and risk assessment. All your data is automatically synced, and duplicates removed. It also comes pre-loaded with every risk assessment you need, saving you bucket loads of time creating your own custom templates and assessments.

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Log my Care is definitely more affordable than PCS, which is another really good benefit. You can cater the package to suit your home, whereas I couldn’t with PCS. The app is super simple to use and your care plans are more robust. There are more risk assessments and you cover everything.

Michael Forster, Manager, Park House Rest Home

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Trusted by hundred of care services

and growing fast. (really, really fast.)