Case management system that helps coordinate your care teams

All of your cases and their care delivery managed in one simple system.

Why choose Log my Care as your
Case Management System?

It’s critical for Case Management teams to have clear oversight on their client’s care plans. It’s also important for that information to be easily accessible and recorded in a way that can be analysed quickly.

Our care system is accessed through desktop and mobile and features handy charts and graphs to help you see from a glance the progress your client is making.

Storing everything in one place digitally will help reduce time spent on admin and make it easier for you to share the relevant info with other professionals. You’ll never want to use paper again.

Keen to learn more? Read on and discover how our care management software will make your life as a Case Manager so much easier.

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Easily organise your MDTs and save tonnes of time on admin

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Organise your clients’ care in a jiffy

We know organising your clients’ care can sometimes be tricky, but with our software it’s a breeze. You can add new clients in a matter of seconds and start logging their care instantly.

Having all of your clients in one system will save you time and energy so you’re able to deliver higher quality care.

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Keep loved ones & families connected

It is important to keep your clients connected to their loved ones. Our Family App allows families to easily communicate with their loved ones in your care.

Our secure online portal lets families access their loved one’s care logs, care plans, incidents and much more.

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Access information and evidence care with ease

When it comes to Case Management, evidencing quality care and how it’s impacting outcomes is essential. Our software helps you log care and translate those notes into easy-to-read charts and graphs so you can track your client’s progress and report with ease.

Plus, with all your notes and care plans in one place, it makes it that much easier to share information with external professionals and MDTs. Share CSV files, PDFs, and more with just a click of a button.

Social Care Professional

Perfect for Case Management teams

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Care logs that cater to every type of client

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Visualise client health metrics and trends in hand charts

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Generate person-centred care plans in a jiffy

Quickly view “to-do’s” and what’s overdue

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Enter client information in a few clicks

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Slash your teams’ admin time with digital care notes

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My favourite things about the Carer App are the fact it is more confidential whilst providing domiciliary care, it can alleviate agitation from clients because the notes aren’t as present in their days. I also love the body mapping ability and I really appreciate the health passport option to print off.

Eloise Bartlett

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We’re multi-award winning!

It’s not just our customers who think our care software is great, we’ve also been awarded some prestigious awards. In 2019 we won the GHP Social Care award for Care Planning Software of the year and in 2020 we bagged second place in Tomorrow’s Care Awards! Who knows, maybe in 2021 we will have even more trophies to line our cabinet.

So don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

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We’re the UK’s only free case management software, *and that’s worth shouting about!

We’re the UK’s only free case management software, *and that’s worth shouting about!

Yes, you read that right. We’re the only free case management system in the UK. Wondering how we can give all of this away for free? The answer is in our Premium Modules.

Alongside all of our free features, we have a bunch of additional premium ones you can find over on our pricing page. This allows us to give you all the awesome stuff you see on this page, totally free!

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Join the community today

Thousands of care professionals across the UK are already using our case management system every day and an amazing community has grown around them. We’re only waiting for you!