Are you ready to join the digital race?

Get your care service to go digital in 4 weeks and we will give you 2 free Android smartphones for your carers to record care.

Every challenge has its rewards.

Care services nationwide are going digital, and we don’t want you to get left behind. That’s why we are giving you a push to take the digital leap. If you complete our September digital challenge we will give 2 FREE Android Smartphones to help you on your digital journey. How’s that for a head start?! All you need to do is sign up below and we will help you step-by-step, week-by-week in your digital transformation.

But don’t dither, it is a race after all! Sign up below.

Log my care is very easy to use, it makes our job a lot easier because we can find out any information straight away without having to look through piles of paperwork. Very user friendly, easy and it a lot more time-effective. Great app! Would highly recommend it.

Jodie Vester
Carer, Alphington Lodge

We’ll get you across the finish line in no time


Tame the tech robot

We know that digital can be intimidating. But our tech is easy to tame.

This week we will show you how to get up and running with our system and learn the basics.

Our software is super simple to use, so don’t be intimidated, dive in, and you’ll find yourself loving your new robot pal.


Here come your teammates!

Convincing your staff to join in on the race doesn’t have to be a headache.

We’ll walk you through step-by-step how to get your staff to relish your new digital system.

We guarantee they’ll love your brave new world!


Running like clockwork

It’s crunch time and the race is in full swing!

Now’s the time to get your system running like clockwork and shave off that wasted time your old system would cost you.

This week we will be focusing on getting the Care Office and Carer App working in perfect harmony.


The finish line is in sight!

You’re running a great race. We’re going to get you over the line.

This week is all about making sure you are hitting your targets to become finish the race strong!

Make sure to tune into the webinar at the end of this week to claim your reward!

Sign up here and get your care service digitally-fit this September

Climb the mountain of paperwork, and never look back

We know you hate paperwork, who doesn’t? It’s time to climb your mountain
of paperwork and never look back. Digital is the future, and with good reason.
We believe that digital care management is going to make your life as a care
service manager a whole lot easier:

Time saved

We estimate that care facilities can save between 30 minutes to an hour per staff member, per shift by going digital. That is time saved on putting pen to paper, doing manual handovers and manual filing.

Increased efficiency

In our case studies we have found that care services that go digital end up completing 3 times more logs than when they used pen and paper.

Your data is always safe

Data is reliable, unfortunately, humans aren’t always. Storing data on the cloud, rather than in filing cabinets, means no risk of flood and fire damage and losing all your invaluable information. It also means less time spent looking for information and freeing up physical space in your care facility.