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Tina Lockwood
19:44 24 Jun 21
This app is brilliant, I can't always get down every day to visit my dad as I live over a hour away and work commitments, just gives me reassurance that I am able to check up on him to see what he has been doing for the day IIE visitors, eating, activity gives me peace of mind knowing he is being well looked after thank you x
simon connolly
16:00 01 Jun 21
The app is working well with staff at the home with only 1 negative point so far and that is that if you have to go back to previous page to add a piece of information you left out then you lose what you have just written.I am assuming this would be an easy fix as I do this on other apps.Great app!!
James O'Dell
21:40 13 May 21
This is a very useful app and service. My wife is a local authority direct Payments recipient and it is very easy to use this system to keep track of and record her care.a few feature suggestions:I think the log template for "repositioning" could do with a "Wheelchair" option as a lot of older and disabled people use wheelchairs and there is no easy way to record repositioning to and from a wheelchair.It would be useful if the app could have a setting to show and enter times in 12 hour or 24 hour format as one of my wife's carers is getting a bit confused and recording that she is making her lunch at 1 in the morning and ringing her doctor at 3am!It would be useful if there could be a button in the carer app to open the "Care Office" (the section of the Log My Care website where everything is administered) for those who have access to it.The system could do with more flexible scheduling features, such as being able to set a recurring task to occur every X hours between Y and Z times of day or being able to set up tasks for certain days of the week.Also, I am blind and use a screen reader. I have found that it is a little difficult to edit the current status of previously-created tasks via the web interface. I previously thought that this was not possible with my screen reader. In the screen reader I use (JAWS for Windows) I have now found that I can emulate hovering the mouse, but it took a bit of research to work out how to do it. I have now updated this review so that it accurately reflects how the website works with a screen reader. I would be happy to work with the company on screen reader accessibility, but more or less everything else works well. The website is easy to use with the JAWS for Windows screen reader and the app works well with apple's Voice Over screen reader as well.Overall, this is a very good website and app. I would certainly pay something for it if needed, but currently have no need for the paid version as the free version does everything I need! Thanks!
Belinda Richards
11:14 16 Apr 21
Not having used it long as new to the system but find it easy to navigate around
Nadine Johnson
12:56 12 Apr 21
What a wonderful app for all care services. We have been using for 2 weeks and it has reduced our admin hours by 75%.Cost effective. Covers all relevant legislation.
Samaira Hussain
12:47 09 Apr 21
Fantastic app! This has really helped me in my job I think this system is so much better than documenting on paper. 👍
Imagine Housing
10:50 07 Apr 21
Fantastic app which has made logging the support we give so much easier! The app is user friendly, which is ideal for the range of staff we have using the app. It's great for being able to send a pfd overview of whats going on with our service users to professionals involved
Rose Kekeli
09:11 05 Apr 21
Good experience
Joanna Mcquillan
10:01 01 Apr 21
This was on a news bulletin from RCA so I thought I would trial it for a month and it has been brilliant. I do think for the full package for £70 is a bit much for a small care home provider so we have opted for the small package although I would have like to have gone for the full one.
Julie Slater
19:55 12 Mar 21
Helpful staff, easy to use and a great price!
Diana Williams
09:58 11 Mar 21
This really helped me in my job I think this system is so much better than documenting on paper.
May King
10:28 10 Mar 21
I'm very grateful and excited to come across this website. It has really helped me in my day to day activities at work and it has make my work easier. It has improve my way of writing.
Somtoo Okafor
13:59 01 Mar 21
Great app. User friendly.
louise carr
11:11 20 Feb 21
This is a good app, little slow in loading but that's probably due to internet connection rather then the app, but I will say I think it needs one subject put onto it 'hourly check' as we have to write this as an extra and quite time consuming, also what's quite time consuming is having to list food and drinks separately if it was a combined subject with everything in it in one selection it would be easier instead of having to list food and how much eaten separately and drinks and how much was given and had if it was all in one perfect. But other than that it's a good app.
valery brunnock
20:10 19 Feb 21
Tina Ladyman
12:38 29 Jan 21
Had few teething problems which hopefully will get resolved. Have used similar systems in past that are slightly more user friendly.
esther Godfrey
19:57 15 Jan 21
So far so good. I received a free 1 month trial, across all of the LogMyCare platforms which greatly contributed to inform our final decision. The concept is simple to use, and gathers the critical information required for care support services. We’re currently using the system in a residential setting and home care, we haven’t looked back!
Wendy H
12:21 12 Jan 21
The LMC app is so simple and intuitive to use. Even technophobes were comfortable with it very quickly without the need for any external training. Tasks were completed in "real time" making handover easier and safer. The Hospital Passport is a particular bonus in the current environment where elderly residents are being admitted into hospital unattended.

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