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Care planning in one of the single hardest activities involved in the provision of care. With tight timescales, lack of concrete guidance from CQC and other regulators, managers often struggle to find the time necessary to write them during their busy schedules. But not anymore – welcome to your digital care plan revolution. It starts today.

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Christopher’s Care Plan

Christopher’s Goal: “I want the maximum possible choice and control over my life”

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What is our Care Plans & Risk Assessments Module?

Care Plans & Risk Assessments is our premium module set to make your care plans incredible.
It contains everything you need to create beautiful electronic care plans, which cover all of the activities of daily living (ADLs). Saving time, removing the need for duplication and covering everything you need to document person-centred care planning.


What features
are included?

1 Powerful Assessment Tool

Fed up with duplicating information when it comes to care planning?
Never have enough time in the day to complete the care plans themselves?
Our nifty assessments cover everything you need. Leaving you with the best
care plans in the business.

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2 Elegant Care Plan Creator Software

Gone are the days where providers need to spend hours of time pouring over paper folders to find documentation. Our care plan application groups everything up in the easiest possible fashion. It even lets you attach specific health and risk assessments to your care plans – evidencing care like never before.

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3 Risk Assessments

Need to know how much risk is involved with moving and using a hoist? Or even how risky it is to allow Mrs Smith’s beloved Labrador Rio into the service. We’ve got all the assessments at the touch of a button.

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4 Review Reminders & Scheduling

Care plans need regular reviews to ensure they’re up to date and fit for purpose. That’s why our system keeps a version history and allows you to schedule reminders for regular reviews, so you’ll never again miss a review window.

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5 Body maps

Body maps are essential to delivering great care outcomes. Our care plans module allows you to record every ailment on your clients and track their progress all in one place. Keeping you up to date like never before.

Alexandra Anton

We know CQC look for person-centred care plans. That’s why re-using old examples and changing a few details do not meet requirements. Equally starting from scratch every time makes the process of care planning very time-consuming. Previously we’ve felt tied up with paperwork and it’s been hard to keep focused on the truly important elements of a care plan. We wanted care plans that were adaptable allowing us to focus on different areas that are important for the variance in people’s needs and outcomes. We also needed to ensure that nothing was missed. This is what we’ve got with Log my Care’s care planning and assessments module. Care planning now takes a fraction of time, freeing us up to spend more time with our residents.

Alexandra Anton
Care Manager, Carrick House Nursing Home

A month free, then just £60 (+VAT) a month

Everyone who wants to use our Care Planning and Assessments module gets a month free to discover if it’s what you need for your care service. Once the time is up and you’re happy to continue, we’ll email a simple form and it’ll cost you just £60 (+VAT) a home per month, with no lengthy contracts.

Accessing the module?

All you need is an active Log my Care account and you can upgrade yourself right from within the Care Office. This activates the 30-day free trial, and once this is over, we’ll send you a message to confirm if you want to keep going. If you don’t like it, then you’ll get put back onto your original plan. No risk, no hassle!

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