Free care planning software that’ll save you tonnes of time

Our Core Module is the time saving tool that supercharges your care delivery, without
costing a penny.

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What is our Core Module?

Everything you need to get started with digital care delivery, at no cost.

The beating heart of your digital care management, our Core Module comes packed with everything you need get your care delivery running like clockwork. Manage your staff and clients while streamlining your care delivery with to-do’s and care logs. Absolutely free.

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free care planning software interface
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Free care home software, designed for carers.

It’s not only free – Core packs a punch. Enjoy all the features you need to ditch paper recording
and harness the power of electronic care.

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hollow heartManage your clients

Keep a detailed record of all your clients in one place. Easily store their medical history, emergency contacts and much more. Have quick access to a wide range of health and care data in easy-to-read charts and graphs.
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Manage your staff

Keep a running record of all your staff in your dashboard. Assign staff to all, or just some clients, and easily oversee their care delivery.Set staff access levels to control what data they have access to.

Quick logs

Care notes at the tap a button. Choose from 8 care categories or create a custom log. Add additional notes, require a witness and view all care logs from your dashboard.
interface showing daily notes for care home
interface showing daily notes for care home
interface showing to-do's for care home

To-do's and tasks

Assign one-off or recurring To-do's to your staff or clients. See your service’s daily To-Do list from a handy dashboard and facilitate 2-to-1 care by requiring 2nd signatures.
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Charts and documents

Get instant insight into your clients’ most important health information with handy charts, such as fluids, body maps and weight, which are automatically created from your care logs.
interface showing health charts
interface showing health charts
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Free care management system

Empower your carers’ care delivery with the mobile Carer App. The Carer App gives carers quick and easy access to To-Do's and can complete Quick Logs at the tap of a button.
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Works on any device

Our software works on all devices, from mobile, to tablet and desktop, so you can access your digital care management wherever and whenever you want. The Carer App works on both Android and Apple devices.
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GDPR compliance & security

Fully GDPR compliant software, with the strictest measures in place to ensure your data privacy. Client data is stored on a secure cloud environment. You also have the option to set shift passwords so your carers can’t access data outside of work hours.
Log my Care customer
Cost effective software, is very user friendly and used by all our staff who love the product. From a management perspective it is fantastic as it allows you to access data very quickly without having to read through lots of paperwork. Great product.

Jodie Vester, Alphington Lodge

All you need to get your care management up and running,
under one roof.

We know the one thing care services need more of is time. Between new arrivals, mealtimes and medication rounds, it can feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to take a breather. Core Module is the free care planning software that’ll give you some of that time back.

Core keeps everything you need for smooth care delivery in one easy-to-access place. No more pesky filing, no more sifting through paperwork or having to write out manual care notes.

It’s the time-saving powerhouse that comes loaded with benefits.

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Time saver

We estimate that care facilities can save between 30 minutes to an hour on admin per staff member, per shift, by going digital. That is a time saving that really adds up.

Better oversight

Log my Care gives you instant oversight into the health and performance of your care service. View daily logs, client health and staff activity all from one simple dashboard on your phone or desktop.

Enhanced compliance

Our digital care management system gives you an instant audit trail when CQC come knocking. Enhance your compliance for CQC inspections with evidence-based reporting.

Increased security

Data is reliable, unfortunately, humans aren’t always. Storing data on the internet, rather than physically in filing cabinets, means no risk of flood and fire damage and losing invaluable information. It also means less time spent looking for information and freeing up physical space in your care facility.
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How much does it cost?

Our core module is free, forever.

We’ve seen firsthand the pressure care services are under. Constant budget cuts, increasing costs and spiralling administrative requirements.

We also know that care software can be seen a luxury that care service’s on tight-budgets can’t always afford. Despite this, we think the benefits of going digital are too great to pass up, so we are giving all care providers our Core Module totally free, always.

Wondering how we can give all of this away for free? The answer is in our Premium Modules. Alongside our free care planning software, we have a bunch of additional premium features you can find over on our pricing page. This allow us to give you all the awesome stuff you see on this page to you, totally free!

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