Keeping clients & loved ones connected has never been easier with our care platform

It’s more important than ever to keep your residents close to their families. Our Family Module gives you an easy way to keep family and friends of your clients up-to-date with their care, well-being and health.

Family care platform interface
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What is the Family Module?

Family is our first module designed to help people outside of your care service to stay in touch with their loved ones. It simplifies the way that care notes and care records are viewed by giving family and friends access to your service users’ care information in a simplified timeline in the Family App.

By signing up to the Family module you are providing added value to families and friends of your residents by giving them access to their very own care platform. Keep them up-to-date with the well-being, health and mood of their loved ones in your care.

screenshots of family care platform on phones
screenshots of family care platform on phones

Here’s how the Family Module works

We’ve made the Family Module as simple as possible for everyone to use, while still providing family members with all the most important health and care information about their loved one.

Set up your preferences & invite family members

Care Managers first run through a simple set up to get started. Choose how logs will be viewed by family members, select which logs you’d like them to have access to and set up your billing options.

You can then invite family members right from your Care Office. They will then receive some emails from us that will walk them through how to get started with their Family App.

care manager using Log my Care care platform
care manager using Log my Care care platform
care worker using Log my Care care coordination platform

Carers record care just like normal

Your Carers go about their day as usual, logging care notes and tasks and doing what they do best. Carers have access to one extra log option called the ‘Family Update’, which they can use to communicate information that family members would be particularly interested in. Other than that, it’s business as usual.

They use their care coordination platform as normal and the data gets fed straight into the Family App.

care worker using Log my Care care coordination platform

Family members get a simplified timeline of their loved one’s care

From their very own version of the Log my Care, called the Family App, families can access a timeline of all the care their loved one has received. It’s simplified based on the options the Manager chooses during stage 1 of the setup.

Family members get peace of mind from seeing how their loved ones are doing and there’s no extra work needed from you or your care team!

care worker using Log my Care care management platform
care worker using Log my Care care management platform

What are the benefits of a family care platform?

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Demonstrate Outstanding Care, innovation and family involvement.

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Increase client contact with loved ones and boost morale.

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Secure and compliant sharing of information.

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Share happy moments during care with attached photos.

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Reduces need for face-to-face meetings and phone calls.

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Give families peace of mind by keeping them in touch with their loved ones in your care.

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We had a family member who used to love to go and check all of our paperwork all of the time, but obviously we stopped all of the paperwork when we went digital. She wasn’t very happy about that! Now she’s thrilled because she can keep an eye on things with the Family App.

She has no problems or issues at all using the app. The Carers lives are so much easier. All of our staff absolutely love it. We love Log my Care.

Aaron Rixon, Sunshine Care

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What features does Family include?

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Care timeline and photos

Families and friends can log in via the Log my Care app and see a daily timeline of important care related to tasks, food, activities and health visits. This gives family members a better overall picture of how their loved one’s day has been.

Family members are also able to see photos that have been uploaded by your care staff. Whether it’s a day out to the beach, a painting they’ve done, or a simple smile, families can see all of it straight from the app.

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Control what you show with data toggles

You can control exactly what care information gets shared with family members using our awesome data toggles feature. Hide whole log categories such as incidents and handovers, or choose to only hide some types of care.

We love knowing what our granny is up to during the day, but knowing when she last used the loo is information we could do without! That’s why you can turn the ‘personal care routines’ option off to prevent family members from viewing unnecessary notes.

family module data toggles screenshot

Simple family invitations

You can invite family members to use the Family App right from the Care Office. No picking up the phone or spending time chasing family members. You can go straight to your service users’ profile and invite family members right from their list of important people. That’s it, the rest is managed by us.

Families automatically receive an email with simple directions to get set up with the Family App and your work is done! Super simple and fast, because we know you’ve got enough on your plate already.

family app invitation screenshot
family app invitation screenshot

How much does the Family Module cost?

Choose a payment option that suits you best

We know care services are being squeezed on all sides financially and additional costs are never helpful.
That’s why we give two different payment options for the Family Module.
You can choose to either:

carer holding care platform app

Bill directly to families

£9.99 per month
Paid for by families

Family members can pay for their own accounts if they wish to access the Family App. The first month is offered as a free trial.

This is a great option if:

  • You want families to have full control over their billing
  • Only a few families need access to the Family App
  • You want to keeps costs lower for your service

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Bill to your care service

£5 (+VAT) for every client per month
Paid for by you

Your care service can choose to subscribe to the Family Module on behalf of the families of your clients for £5 (+VAT) a month, with a minimum charge of £20 (+VAT). 30 day free trial included.

Choose this option if:

  • You want to demonstrate your care service’s innovation and value, and attract new families.
  • Billing should be handled in-house and you don’t want to get families involved.
  • You plan on offering the Family App to as many families as you like.
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As visitations are not allowed at the moment, I have found the Family App really useful to stay up to date with how my mum is doing.

I log on everyday to see whether the doctor has visited and seeing pictures of mum on the timeline really brightens my day. It also saves me having to ring the home so often to check how she is

Trudy Dance, Family Member

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Secure & compliant from the outset

We take data security very seriously. As with the rest of our care system, the Family Module is secured to NHS standards and is fully GDPR compliant.

However, we know this isn’t always enough, that’s why Care Managers have full access over which information families can see through the care platform, switching it on or off as required by your service users.

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5-star support as you’d expect

5 star Google rating
5 star Google rating

Not to brag, but our Customer Success team has been called “absolutely fantastic”, “superb”, and “first class” – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We started Log my Care to make Carers’ lives easier and part of that promise is being available to answer any questions or concerns you or your staff may have.

We’re available via phone, email, and a chat feature that you can see there in the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Just ping us a message and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.

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