Manage care delivery effortlessly across your care service, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Our group module makes managing care and reporting a doddle.

What is our Groups module?

Groups is the module designed to make running electronic care management across a cluster of sites easier than ever before. It bundles together a suite of different features that allow group level performance reporting and management like never before.

What features does Groups include?

Additional access levels

Group level access for Managers and Administrators.

Performance reporting

Group Managers can compare site performance and promote best practice using intuitive graphs and charts.

Switch between your homes

Manage your teams’ access via a simple dashboard allowing staff to move simply between sites

Ensure compliance

Review each of your sites’ performance and ensure they are compliant with your procedures

Manage sites

Group level administrators can activate and inactivate sites.

How much does Groups cost?

The cost for the module is £30 + VAT per site per month this is billed monthly via direct debit.

*16+ sites POA, contact us for more information.

What do care providers groups using the module think?

Ian Coldrick CEO

“Log My Care continues to develop their excellent electronic care record systems with the recent addition of their Group level features which are excellent for operational and senior management to have oversight of Log My Care for the group. It allows me the ability to switch between the different homes without having separate logins and receive alerts and information and reports for an individual home and at a group level. I can now ensure compliance across the homes and view site performance and reporting in real-time with access both on my PC and smartphone. This functionality has been a great help during the current COVID -19 pandemic. In addition, we are really looking forward to having E- MAR whenever this is available.”
Ian Coldrick, Chief Executive Officer, Creative Care (East Midlands)


How can you access our groups module

We configure your initial group settings for you, all you need to do is chat to us via live chat (that little pink widget in the bottom right of your screen) if you already have an account or if you’re new then book in a demonstration with one of our team using the link below. We can help with everything from devices, to Wi-Fi and even share best practice on training.

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