Go Pro!

Sky-rocket your care with these excellent features.

Start your 1-month free trial

Go Pro!

Sky-rocket your care with these excellent features.

Start your 1-month free trial

What is Pro?

Pro is the first optional premium module for Log my Care.

It contains a load of nifty features we know will make care providers’ lives even easier.
Things like having the ability to work offline (great for patchy Wi-Fi) and document storage for standard policies and procedures.

What features does Pro include?

Offline Mode

Does your care service suffer from patchy Wi-Fi or inconsistent signal strength? Then have no fear! Pro enables carer devices to work offline for up to 24 hours. They synchronise back with the Care Office and log all the tasks once they get back online again.

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications, straight to the care office when a carer records an incident. This means the manager on shift is notified straight away, no matter where the incident takes place.


Making sure that key information is handed over properly from shift to shift is incredibly useful. With handovers, your care team can flag notes to be included in handover reports, which is then grouped up ready for the next shift to read.

Provider Policies and Procedures storage

Need a space to store all of the general policies and Procedures documentation for your care service? Pro allows you to store all of your standard documents, such as fire, RIDDOR, data Protection, impact assessments, dress codes and CQC notifications. These are accessible straight from the Carers devices and the app too.


Take photos from directly within the Carer App and attach them to your logs. Incredibly useful for evidencing everything from changes in clinical symptoms such as pressure sores to activities. This also supports compliance efforts as it doesn’t provide any local storage of images.


Group your residents into zones, this nifty feature helps you to sensibly group your service-users into different areas like; floor, wing or even beds etc. Perfect for helping your team to easily navigate their way simply to the people that they are caring for today.

30-days free then £30 (+VAT) a month after

We offer everyone who wants to use Pro 30 days to discover if it’s right for their care service. Once the month is up and if you’re happy and want to keep using it, then Pro we’ll send you over a simple billing form and it will cost you £30 (+VAT) a home per month.

What do people using Pro think?

Since making the shift from paper to electronic care recording, our daily routine has been impacted massively, saving time and increasing the accuracy of notes, as well as being able to have an overview of the care as it happens on the dashboard. The Log my Care Team have been excellent in responding to feedback so the pro version has made this even simpler, with additional features making recording a breeze and offline mode meaning notes can be taken anywhere!

–Reece Welch, Registered Manager at Elizabeth Court Rest Home.

How do you get Pro?

It’s super simple to get the Pro module for your care service. All you need to have done is signed up to Log my Care and upgrade yourself in the Care Office. This will then activate your 30 days free trial of the module and once the time is up, we’ll drop you a message to confirm if you want to keep going. If you don’t then you’ll be swapped back onto our core system. So, no risk!