Proud to Care

with Log my Care

Proud to Care

with Log my Care

What’s this badge for?

This little badge is a symbol of our community’s commitment to providing the people they look after with the best possible care. That badge is a mark of excellence showing this particular care provider has adopted the Log my Care system.

Proud to be more efficient

This means that all of the care they provide is backed up by one of the most intuitive and helpful systems out there. Not only does it mean that they are able to efficiently provide person-centred care for people they look after, but their Senior team are able to spot anything that needs addressing in real-time.

Their front-line carers and other staff are able to create more diverse and in-depth care notes, whilst spending less time on administration and freeing them up to have more 1-2-1 time with residents and service users.

Proud to be future-proof

It also means that their care notes, records and care plans are stored super securely in the cloud. This means they aren’t only thinking about the care they provide on a day to day basis, but how they operate as a whole and making sure what they do is future-proofed.

Proud to be among the first to go paperless

If all of that isn’t enough then you should also consider that they are one of the first care providers in the UK to adopt a digital care system in preference to paper. That makes them pretty special and ahead of the game!

So, the next time you speak to that care provider, you should give them a bit of kudos or possibly some cakes… (everyone loves cake?!) because not only are they doing the very best for the people in their care, but their service is one of the special ones.