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Residential providers

“I don’t know if you guys realise the magnitude of what you’re doing, but it deserves to be out there on everyone’s radar. There are too many companies out there just ripping people off”
– Brian (Manager/Director)

“App is very useful and hopefully get even better in future. The developers are very friendly and helpful too!”

– Google Play review

“Log my Care is a care planning software that is well thought out, thorough and extremely user friendly. Plus it’s free!”

– Abbas (Owner)

“I am finding it very easy to work with the app and very useful. It can save my time”

– Smita (Carer)

Kind words from our

Nursing providers

“This is the MUST have app for all care and nursing homes, we have been using it for just over a week and it’s AMAZING! Such a simple to use app that logs everything that is needed, there are helpful people that you can message for help. I cannot recommend this enough! Thank you guys for making it! Life as a carer has just got a whole lot easier when it comes to documenting important things. 5 STARS I love it!!!!!”
– Kate (Carer)

“Still can’t believe this is free! If it works well I will be recommending it to everyone in my network”

– Karen (Manager)

“It’s really straightforward to be honest”

– Amanda (Deputy Manager)

“It is very easy and simplified. Good job done!!”

– Agency Carer

Kind words from our

Learning Difficulties providers

“Just thought I’d give you a heads up that I have pitched your software to my senior management team and they love it! I love the new charts and overall changes recently!”
– Steve (Manager)

“I think its a brilliant system”

– Richard (Owner)

“Super super excited to be using Log my Care! Omg… where have you been?! Signed up today and having a great time setting it up. Cannot highly recommend you enough to every care provider!”

– Mandie (Director)

“This software is incredible 🙂 making my life a lot easier as a Manager. The App which carers use to log data is very well set up. Very intuitive”

– Rory (Manager)

Kind words from our

Mental Health providers

“we have just had CQC come in to carry out an inspection on the house, which resulted in a good rating. I showed the inspector the system (this was before we implemented it) and he was very impressed and was quite eager to see the difference it makes on a day to day basis and how it develops within our workflow”
– Clint (Manager)

“I spent my weekend getting down with Log my Care – surprisingly simple to use and free – what’s not to love”

– Director

“Staff instantly in love with its ease of use and we love our ability to track MUST scores etc.”

– Krystian (Quality Assurance Manager)

“This app is brilliant!!! It works so well with daily logs”

– Charlie (Carer)

4.9 Stars – 14 reviews

    review rating 5  I really love this app 😍 we have just started to use it within our company. It's so easy to use self explanatory and saves so much time meaning more time can be spent with the service users rather than on paperwork 😁 Log my care also has a carer of the month award 🏆where you can nominate staff which I think is fantastic. The team are also so helpful. I've spoke to them via the app and also on the phone. I recommend this system 100%. Great work guys 👌

    thumb Rebecca Norris

    review rating 5  Great app and so user friendly! Would definitely recommend to download. Would not want to go back to paper now. We update as we go even on offline mode and no rushing to do notes in the evening when out for the day. The creators of this app are always on hand so can send a quick email or chat and they reply quick to resolve any issues or take in to account any ideas you have for improvement.

    thumb Rycon UK

    review rating 5  We have been using Log My Care for a few weeks now and it has revolutionised how we are are working, how we record and also what we are recording. After only a couple of uses it becomes intuitive and so fast compared to pen and paper. From a management perspective I wish I had changed years ago and am really looking forward to the planned developments Log My Care has planned. Staff have documents, policies etc at there finger tips when they need it. Final point, the support is EXCELLENT, well done Log My Care!

    thumb Wayne Bent

    review rating 5  Recently started using Log my Care, very easy to use and fit for purpose for my home. Easy to upload documents, allocate tasks to staff and keep an all round view of residents in our care. Any queries or help requested is responded to promptly. Gregg, London Care & Support Team

    thumb Gregg Wright