Get time back

We can’t make the days longer (it would be our superpower of choice!) but we can definitely help you be as efficient as possible, through our simple and user-friendly software.

Save an hour here and there

Using our software can save you anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour – for each team member – every single shift. Repeat that day-in-day-out and that really adds up!

Minimal training required

We know you don’t have the time for lengthy training sessions and away days, so we’ve designed our software with carers, to make intuitive and easy-to-use from day 1.

If you do need any help along the way, you can set up a demo with us or access our 24/7 online support hub, filled to the brim with step-by-step guides, videos and frequently asked questions.

care record software mockup

Pre-populated fields and templates

Logs are well-structured and easy to input, with icons used to visually identify common tasks.

There are tonnes of pre-populated fields and templates installed, to make care recording simpler and quicker than ever before!


When you’re entering logs, you’ll get the option to transcribe any notes with our speech-to-text functionality, making longer entries much easier to record.

Speedy handovers

Need to include something in a handover? We’ve got you covered. Every time a log’s entered, you’ll have the option to add it into a handover.

Forgotten something? You can review and add-on any logs from the last 24 hours.

30 minutes to set up your account

We know you’re super busy, so we aim to get your account setup within 30 minutes of you registering your service (9am-6pm, Monday to Friday).

That means you can start adding your clients, inviting your team members and get logging straight away!

Join our community today

Thousands of managers are already using our care home compliance software and an amazing care community has grown around them. We’re only waiting for you!