guide for restriction of staff movement available
anna turbak charles
March 16, 2021
Marketing & Partnerships Executive | Claire

New government advice on the restriction of staff movement explained 📄

The government recently released guidelines for the restriction of staff movement across care homes. It encourages care services to limit the movement of staff between sites so as to decrease the risk of future COVID outbreaks.

We’ve summarised the new guidelines in a nifty document so you’re on the ball when it comes to limiting staff movement and protecting your service from an outbreak of COVID-19.

Our resource document is packed with information, including:

  • What to do with temporary staff
  • Tips for cohorting
  • How to use the Infection Control Fund 
  • Further information on testing and loads more!

We hope this document helps ease some stress and help you to prepare your staff for limited movement. As always, if you feel there is a resource we’re missing, ping us a message and we’ll look into creating it for you.

Download the new staff movement guidance

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