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jeremy luscombe
April 8, 2021
Senior Digital Exec | Jeremy

Why Avican Support made the switch from Ablyss Care Management Systems

We’ve been sharing stories of care services who have made the switch to Log my Care in the past couple of weeks. So far we have just looked at care homes, such as Ashdale Residential and Langley Court Rest Home, but today we’re looking at a home care agency, Avican Support.

Home care agencies come with a whole new range of unique challenges, so I was eager to hear what Charles James, the owner at Avican Support, had to say about Log my Care and how it has worked for them after switching over from Ablyss.

No time wasted training staff ⌛

“Log my Care is different from Ablyss because the system is very clear. With Ablyss I had to do some extensive training to get them used to the system. Log my Care, on the other hand is very easy to use.”

Running a home care agency means you have to manage staff remotely, making sure your Carers are all in the right place at the right time, armed with the right tools to do their job. That’s why an easy-to-use care management system is so important. You want to ensure that there will be no hiccups when staff are using their technology. So it’s great to hear that Charles can trust his staff with our software at their fingertips.

Charles recently took on a new member of staff and during their induction week got them up and running with Log my Care without any training:

“Log my Care is very easy to use, I have a Carer in their first induction week and they started using the system right away without any help needed from me. The system is very clear and I don’t even need to do any training.”

Time is stretched enough as it is in care services, so you don’t want to spend your precious hours getting new members of staff accustomed to clunky software because it will soon chew up a lot of your time. The simplicity of our software is clearly something that has helped Charles and his home care agency. 👍

“I’ve had absolutely no problems at all, I’ve even recommended it to a friend!”

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