How does our care home software work?

How does our care home software work?

The Care Office is where Managers…

Add staff, residents, and assign tasks to-do

Managers set up the Care Office from a web-browser. Add the residents and care teams’ details, then simply start dishing out the tasks to your carers. They can then assess their residents’ care, create care plans and manage their reviews.

…Carers get everything delivered to their Carer App

Receive & quickly log tasks

Carers download the Carer App to their smart phones, login and start receiving their tasks straightaway. Once they’re logged in they’ll see everything they need to do and can quickly log simple tasks or full notes, whilst instantly checking information about residents such as Waterlow & MUST.

Finally, the results

Instant useful reports

Everything is recorded and sent back to the Care Office where the information is analysed and turned into meaningful reports that can be printed out if needed. It also triggers review reminders and gives the greatest oversight of care delivery you’ve ever had. Everything is designed to save care teams’ time – time that can be spent increasing your quality of care.

What can our care software do?


Carers & frontline Staff


Access resident care notes wherever you go

Instantly see what you need 'To-Do' next and what's overdue

Log the care you give in just a couple of taps

Log my Care automatically completes a full care note, saving you a tonne of admin time

Snooze tasks for later when you can't complete them

Look into resident information in a few clicks, helping you to give better care

Complete general care home tasks in a single tap

See all resident care plans and quickly find the information you are interested in like nutrition, medication etc.


Co-sign off your work when you need


Care Managers & Owners


Set up your care home in minutes and add your residents in a couple of clicks

Set their care ‘To-Dos’ and see them populated in your carer’s list instantly

Generate care plans in a jiffy and see the most recent appear in the Carers' Apps


See ‘To-Dos’ and care logs completed in real-time

Log my Care gives you resident health metrics visualised and trends helping you to provide better care for your whole home

Set ‘To-Dos’ for the entire home like the tea round

Store all of your residents’ documents care plans and assessments securely in the cloud

See their historical logs and assessments in a few clicks

Easily print all of your logs if you need

Everything we do at Log my Care is up to date with GDPR requirements!


Our care home software is free, so you can save money and spend more time giving residents more 1-2-1 care!

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