Yes it really is free

Everything you need to start using a care management system, for free, for life.
Core Moduleinfo-icon Monthly cost
  • Daily notesinfo-icon
  • Health recordinginfo-icon
  • Care plan & document storageinfo-icon
  • Care task management & To-Do listsinfo-icon
  • Charts


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What modules are available? Monthly cost

per module
(+ VAT)
  • Offline mode info-icon
  • Instant notifications info-icon
  • Handovers info-icon
  • Photos info-icon
  • Zones info-icon
  • Provider policies & procedures storage info-icon


per site
care plans icon Care Plans & Assessments
  • Fully embedded care plans info-icon 
  • Initial assessments
  • Pre-loaded with over 40 risk assessments
  • Build-your-own risk assessments
  • Automatic dependency and risk calculation
  • Review reminders and version history
  • Client hospital passports
  • Adds new client information sections
  • Full NHS medication list


per site
  • Group performance review and management
  • Move staff between sites
  • Site performance and reporting
  • Ensure compliance across the service


per site

Even more coming soon…

Our care management system is constantly evolving thanks to the feedback from our community. 

What we’re working on
  • Electronic medication management fully integrated into our care management system. We are currently working with providers and pharmacies to create a groundbreaking new way of delivering, dispensing and managing medication within care services.
Family and Friends module Family and Friends
  • With current lockdown restrictions, family and friends’ interaction with loved ones is at an all-time low. It is incredibly important to ensure that loneliness and isolation don’t impact on the health of people in care. Our Family and Friends module will allow people to keep connected with loved ones in care.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Is it really free?
Yes, our core care management system really is free. This includes everything you need to get your care home up and running using electronic care plans and a lot of extra features to boot. For the long answer as to why we’re free, check out our Founder’s Blog post – or get in touch with one of the team.

All of our modules are charged at their monthly rate plus standard UK VAT.

If I want the premium modules how much will it cost?

Our system is modular, which means you can pick & mix the bits you need and only pay for the features you really want. Each price in the table above is set at a per module, per site and monthly cost. So if you wanted both Care Plans and Pro and had one care home, you’d be paying £40 + £30 = £70 (+VAT) per month, once your free trials on those modules have ended.

Is there a limit on the number of residents/service-users or staff I can have?

No. Add as many as you like. There’s no limit, we’ve got care providers using us from huge to tiny.

What modules are you making in the future?

Our care management system is constantly evolving and we’re trying to add as many new features as we can. To make sure we get this right, we’re making sure we listen to our community and build the things they are asking for. We want to make sure you have everything available in one place. Speak to the team in our live chat (the little pink widget to the right) and talk to us if there’s a specific feature you really need.

Why are there free trials if your system is free?

The core system is totally free and always will be. Our free trials only apply to our premium modules. This is so you can have a month to assess their suitability for your care service without any cost or commitment.

How long are module contracts?
We want to give you the most flexibility possible. So no long contracts! All of our optional premium modules are billed up front on a monthly basis and can be cancelled whenever you like.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit or debit card payments through GoCardless.