Powerful electronic MAR (eMAR) system to make your medication management a breeze

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Powerful electronic MAR (eMAR) system to make your medication management a breeze

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What is eMAR?

Electronic MAR (eMAR) is a powerful electronic medication administration and recording tool that reduces the amount of time spent managing your clients’ medication needs. eMAR lets care Managers easily organise their service users’ medication records digitally, safeguarding against illegible notes and missed signatures and making medication rounds a breeze.

Full oversight of medication administration

Enjoy full oversight into medication management in your care service. View medication rounds and their outcomes right from the Care Office, see residents’ medication history by filtering MAR charts by date and see a full list of logs associated with a specific medication.

Medications linked to the NHS database

All eMAR medications are linked to the NHS’ own dm+d database, meaning you can quickly and easily choose from an accurate, up-to-date list of medications for your care service users and no more typos.

Log & sign-off medication in the Carer App

Reduce pressure on staff by providing an easy way to record medication. The simple step-by-step walkthrough for medication rounds as well as the sign-off feature means carers and staff can quickly and easily evidence and sign off medication rounds.

Improved accuracy with digital medication logs

Electronic MAR charts, digital medication notes and a simple way for carers to sign off and witness medication in the Carer App means no more illegible notes and missed signatures on medication rounds.

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How much does eMAR cost?

The cost of the eMAR system is based on the number of active residents you have in your care service, so the charge is different for everyone. What remains the same, though, is the 30-day free trial. So why not give eMAR a whirl?

There are no obligations and once you have finished your trial you can choose to keep it or ditch it.

Number of clients

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Monthly cost


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The eMAR system is brilliant. My staff love it and it was absolutely easier to train them on it compared to the old paper MAR charts system. Now we actually get to spend a lot more time with our clients. Additionally, we’re now saving £200-350 a month on paper and printing supplies! I wouldn’t change to any other system.

Sarah Moore, Nova Care Yorkshire

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How do you get eMAR?

It’s super simple to get the eMAR for your care service. If you’re already using Log my Care then head over to your settings page to activate your trial!

If you’re a new customer then go to our Get Started page and fill in a quick form. Once this is done you can get started with eMAR instantly!

Oh and don’t forget, our 30-day free trial is obligation free, so there’s no reason no to give it a go!