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This essential coronavirus care home guidance includes monitoring features and handy customisable and printable documents that will make your work easier during the pandemic crisis.

At Log my Care we’re well aware how strenuous caring for the elderly and people at risk have been since coronavirus hit the UK. For that reason, we’ve worked diligently to give you the best and only monitoring tools on the market.

Get a copy of the free Coronavirus monitoring tools included in Log my Care

Our new symptoms tracking tools help care homes to detect early symptoms of COVID-19. Care Managers can feel confident in delivering the best care to their service users, whilst informing family and friends.

Our Coronavirus support features include:
  • A Respiratory Rate chart
    Easy to read, this chart is updated live by data entered by frontline care staff on smartphones.
  • A Cough Recording feature
    Understand the chronology and development of a service user’s cough, whether it is symptomatic of coronavirus or not.
  • A Temperature Recording tool
    Rapidly decide on whether or not to place a client in isolation.
  • A Symptom Monitor dashboard
    All of these recognised symptoms are fed into a single dashboard alongside visual warning symbols (red, amber and green), allowing Care Managers to assess and monitor the health of their clients as their symptoms evolve.
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Save a great deal of time and ease your conscience. Care Managers have no time to find appropriate templates for necessary or helpful documents. We’ve created a load of new help content, including:

A Key Worker letter

An official customisable Key Worker identification letter to be used whenever necessary. This letter can be filled out straight away on the Word document and printed out for your staff to use,

A customisable Coronavirus Contingency Plan

Designed to be a living document, care managers can update continuously this social contingency plan as the care sector gets more medical clarifications throughout the pandemic crisis.

A Return to Work Interview Form

Care managers can fill this form out when interviewing employees that have been absent for any Coronavirus related reason.

A Coronavirus Care Homes Admissions Guidance

This document comes as a support to care home managers with NHS admissions, by ensuring they have the information and support they need to safely admit and care for service users during the pandemic crisis. Created by expert Stuart Prince, special Advisor to Age UK.

A Coronavirus Care Plan and Risk Assessment

A special Coronavirus care plan and COVID-19 risk assessment template for all Care Managers. Created with expert Stuart Prince, Special Advisor to Age UK. 

An Assessment Guidance on CQC’s Emergency Support Framework

An Assessment Guidance on CQC’s Emergency Support Framework that will come in very handy in case you are expecting a support session from the CQC. Make sure to read this document attentively, as a session could lead to an inspection in case the inspector suspects the pandemic has been the only point of focus in your service. 

Visitation Guidance

We’ve created a set of policy guidelines, a risk assessment form, and a decision-making flowchart to help you make the right decisions when it comes to allowing visitors to your care facility.

Visitation Return Letter Template

This visitation return template provides you with a letter you can distribute to relatives returning to your care facility following the Coronavirus outbreak. The letter provides practical guidelines and rules for visitors to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and residents. Simply fill in the template to personalise the letter and edit the rules and conditions to meet your needs.

CQC IPC Inspection Guide

With CQC routinely auditing Care Services for their IPC compliance, we put together a handy document that will walk you through the 8 key considerations CQC makes following an inspection. 

COVID-19 Testing Consent Forms

Visitations permitted to care services on the condition that visitors test negative, so we’ve created a packet of COVID-19 testing consent forms that are fully customisable to help you prepare for visits to resume. 

Lateral Flow Device Testing Guidance

We consulted with experts to put together a comprehensive document around Lateral Flow Device testing. Use it to prepare your service and staff for LFD tests.

These resources automatically get delivered to you, when you create an account and start monitoring. You’ll get access to the free training on how to use the monitoring tool within your organisation.

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Now more than ever we are committed to helping providers to go digital. It is crucial that people in care have their symptoms monitored so the correct care can be delivered and balanced with the operational needs of running a care service. We’re doing everything we can to help and make sure our free care software supports the best outcomes.

Sam (Founder)